W424 (Finland) is Lasse Alander. Musician/producer/visual artist with a long history starting with extreme metal and moving on to industrial music, most notably as one half of CARDINAL NOIRE and as a contributor to PROTECTORATE and TYHJÄ.

W424’s current approach to music could be described as sculpted noise, operating on intuition and dream logic. A semblance of song structure is retained, tonal and atonal combined and contrasted. Utilizing modular synthesis, guitar and bass, the modern DAW and the human voice.
Pitch black darkness but with fleeting glimpses of illumination.

The project has been in various incarnations and states of activity dating back to mid-late 2000’s and recently reactivated. Past activity includes a “lost” album recorded in 2012 but left unfinished due to starting CARDINAL NOIRE. In 2021 the album ALANDLORD was self released as a sort of proof of concept but CARNAL is to be regarded as the defining Work.



Tangent Strategy began as an outlet for the musical exploration of chd.y in 1996, starting as an experiment using guitars, bass, and found percussion, and evolving later into computer sequencing and sampling. It adheres to the ethos of industrial music, with electronic noise and hypnotic rhythms, while maintaining both a dancefloor assault and dark, monolithic atmospheres, with a strong thrust of rage and passion underneath it all. A live show in Seattle, Washington was performed in 2005, but Tangent Strategy stayed under the radar after that, crafting his sound in private.

In 2013, chd.y made the move from America to Tokyo, Japan, where the cultural shift and new horizons broadened his influences, sparked even more creativity, and gave him the immediacy to finally make public the music he had been working on for years. He plans more live shows, and is always creating new music in pursuit of the perfect expression of catharsis through sound.



If you are suffering from climate change, environmental freefall, the rise of political and religious extremes, pandemics, growing intolerance, apathy, boredom and financial meltdown, it’s time to consider Vipermilk. While Vipermilk is unlikely to make any of these ailments go away, it does guarantee to make dystopia a bit more tolerable.

Infused with highly toxic euphoria, Vipermilk is a venomous blend of aggressive electronic beats, synthwave vibes, electropunk angst mixed into a syrupy solution of 80’s dance music infused with 90’s industrial style. Vipermilk is wholly synthetic and is guaranteed to contain absolutely no natural ingredients.

Vipermilk is likely to make you rant, rave, dance, engage in endless sex and/or political protests. If you feel the onset of symptoms such as anti-authoritarianism, looting, and anarchy please DO NOT contact your doctor or anyone else for that matter. If you notice lightheadedness, dizziness or a swelling in the genital area, immediately contact your partner.

Conceived in a secret lab located in the remote outskirts of Finland, Vipermilk was discovered in early 2020 when 4 sloshed scientists of metal, rock and schlager-pop decided that the most valuable thing they could contribute to society was a soundtrack for a “porn-remake of Blade Runner.” As their dystopic vision of existence was soon matched by the ever-worsening realities of our world, it became clear that the time was ripe for this collective to become a fully-fledged band.

All our products are made with genuine music, authentic lyrics and traces of self-irony and humor. Vipermilk is a non-governmentally approved medication that has not passed any FDA testing. The makers of Vipermilk want you to know that they have absolutely no idea what their product cures, but they are absolutely certain it’ll leave you with a buzz.

Warning: Keep this and all other such products away from adults, politicians, men who are pregnant and/or lactating, and those suffering from White Privilege or Orange Hair syndrome.



11 Grams is a futurist-inspired musical partnership between Simeon Fitzpatrick (Project K11, AUS) & Rob Early (Retrogramme, U.S.A). This Australian/American based duo have created an addictive Electro/Industrial/EBM/Synthpop style with catchy bass riffs, complex melodies and precise hi-tech musicianship. Rob Early has established strong credibility amongst others in the electronic music scene, producing, mixing and remixing some top electronic artists worldwide. Simeon Fitzpatrick has worked with many musicians internationally, lending his unique style of electronic wizardry to various projects. Together these musical artists have forged tracks of influential stature. On New Years Eve 2015, 11Grams made their debut live performance in the Washington DC underground scene, only giving a taste of what is yet to come from their latest LP to be titled ‘Panacea’.



Spring 1993, that is the era when KIFOTH appear on the world of music. K-head (composing, programing, sampling, acoustic performance) and mir Colon (philosophy, voice, sampling, programing) established KNEEL IN FRONT OF THE EXECUTIONER. The protagonists of the KIFOTH made the first striking sign on March 1995 with live-performance together with industrial legend Einleitungszeit, also Brazil Morgue and domestic Morbid Fancy. The first album CIVILIZATIVE COLLAPSE is the element of rhytm that conquers all around by its aggressivness and straightness. The Slovak electro-fans were amazed with the show. To be proper, there is released first-live-tape FIRST TIME PUBLIC before the mentioned above. The tape maps the first material did in Slovak language. A very first live-performance. The third record is EBOLA. This album is remastered and re-released on April 2004, as 10th anniversary celebration, by Vuz Records, including exclusive remix of song “Possessed By The Right To Modify”. KIFOTH uses English language, but it wasn’t so all time. The live-tape includes song sang in Slovak language only. This epoch well known song is “Ježiš Kristus” (Jesus Christ). Original version is on “Civilisative Collapse” tape. A natural continuance is seen on the Ebola as song Last Sermon. As bonus of album “Acerbity Torrent” is 2006 version of the “Ježiš Kristus”. Year 1999 is debut time. KIFOTH’s first CD SPECTACLEBREAKERS made by Slovak label Front CD Records. Due to a perfect arrangement, German electro-giant Out Of Line took exclusive west Europe & Interbeat made the America. The same year means the first Europe touring for KIFOTH. K-head & mir Colon with S.O.L.O. as drummer went around the middle Europe as supporer of Mexican star HOCICO. Since 1999 KIFOTH exihibits regularly on Wave Gotik Treffen festival. FUNDAMENTUM DIVISIONIS is name of the second CD. The exucutioners flow down into deeper spheres with this album. Dark music, harsh philosophical attitude. As if my words are confirmed with mir Colon’s health upset. The singer puts the KIFOTH’s future on uncertainty due to his dificult carcarsh. So the time of neverending waiting comes. Audience of Strange fest’03 at Pelhrimov, Festival of electro-industrial music at Prague, Apocalyptic Vision vol.4 at Bratislava, Hulifest’06 had the oportunity to take the experience with the new material. A concert that makes a cut through the whole band history. It seems KIFOTH goes ahead to find out the needed sound and performance, developing the philosophy. All this for to stand KIFOTH back to the pedestal which belongs to the band. Internet fan has the chance to check out the development of album ACERBITTY TORRENT with the song “Paradox (Heaven Icon mix)” on WEB compilation www.be4.aliens.sk. German fans can find song “Proper Behaviour” on CD compilation Bodybeats, Cop International. As the 2006 pre-promo of the forthcoming album, KIFOTH made “Tyranny set” (song, video, picture). mir Colon comments: “I do like very much the track. At first, it is a reflection of the actual world wide being. And from the other side, the music is about decoying retro-elektro punk beat with rap element. The album temper is a mosaic of various themes, styles, basically said type of songs. The executioners let out even message that they feel themselves more generous accorning to their electronical being. They’re extremely fastidious on themselves. As frontmen’s confesion: “The ACERBITY TORRENT is slushed with blood of abused, full of desparation tears, worried by hopeless sob. It is full of my drafts of hate toward man slightness, toward my mate. All this under circumstances of being modern civilization”. And the CD, 70 minutes of relentless electronic assault, perfectly blending the purest elements of old school EBM, authentic dark elektro and technoid beats is released by EAR/Vendetta. New album “Violence Corporation” has risen similarly as the “Acerbity Torrent” album. The composing took about 2 years. The music is well-knitted. The authors fixed themselves making the mixing better than ever before. Therefore, the intention is to keep the little difference as maximal as possible but the compactness should stay inviolate. I am surprised that it sounds fine even if it has been described so intricately. I had a chance to be closed down in the studio with KIFOTH. The album delivers high-class sequences electronics mixed with elements from the industrial scene together with powerful rhythms and dark beats infused with crazy techno influences. Slower and more emotional tunes are also present like in “Egotism” or like the futurepop-ish “Vermicular”. I really like the opener “Microbiotics” but do not forget about “Jihad” or “Manipulator” which are two heavy tracks. In December 2016 the band sign a new record deal with EK Product. Described as their most ambitious album to date, KIFOTH’s seventh full length EXTENSIVE REPORT will be out on March 3rd, 2017.



Categorically refusing categorisation they hold and define a category all of their own. Musically situated in the in between. Filled with contradiction and resistance, urging a change in the individual, wanting liberation from preconceived ideas. Guilt Trip are back, newly braptised, born-again. Guilt Trip, fierce and unrelenting in their critique of sheepish sleepwalking and internalised norms, the self policing psyche. Musically drowning your senses, never pleased with just pleasing the hoi polloi; lyrically urging you off the deep end, to think, react and resist. What at times may seem like a defeatist attitude is really an appeal for action. Rooted in North American and European electronic industrial they still follow their own path, strewn with thorns and paved with a mosaic of influences. Look closely then take a step back to get the whole picture.



Protectorate (Finland) is an electro / industrial act formally started in 2004. The project was really activated in late 2011 due to disbandment of industrial metal group that Kalle Lindberg was part of  Protectorates music could be descibed as old school elektro industrial as it is heavily influenced by classic bands of the genre, such as Skinny Puppy, Front 242, FLA and Portion Control, but this not to say that it is limited to these, as the influences also include more mainstream acts such as Depeche Mode and more rock orientated projects like Fields of the Nephilim. Protectorate prides itself with selfsuffience production wise: use of factory presets and factory samples is shunned on, instead, everything from sound desing to mixing is done by the artist himself. Protectorate also values 80’s and 90’s production techniques and instruments combined with modern sequecers and tools in order to produce a best of both worlds product. The song writing process of Protectorate is a rather laborous one, instead of delivering a large bulk of material of varying quality, Protectorate concentrates on quality over quantity. Another central idea of Protectorate is to reinvent itself with every song within the loose boundaries of the genre Protectorate has set for itself. Pushing the envelope of sound design and song structures while retaining a certain “commercial edge”. As a live act Protectorate thrives to deliver a fierce and energetic show spliced with improvised elements to bring that extra something that a recording is unable to deliver. With more than ten years of live experience with other projects, Protectorates goal is to bring the intensity, that is normally associated live rock music, to electronic music.



Formed in 2014 and hailing from the bleak, industrial, abandoned factory city of Dayton Ohio in the Midwest of The USA, Hexadiode delivers a creative burst of energy amongst the drab landscape from which they were born. A hardware only Electro-Industrial dance act that dabbles in Art Damage experimental tendencies, Hexadiode are committed to producing an old school EBM dynamic with a forward thinking, 21st century approach. Members Tim Krug and Jonas Miseh create tracks that are melodically infectious and rich in hooks, while still staying true to the artistic and experimental edges that keep the genre of dark electronica moving forward. Hexadiode is influenced by acts such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and NIN, as well as enigmatic, cross genre electronic acts such as Liars, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin.