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Aeronaut V comprises two long term musicians from the Finnish dark scene: Ville Brusi, an electronic music producer, and Arttu Korppivuori, a post punk / goth rock vocalist.

The two originally joined forces midway through 2018 for a quick and easy one-off project, to to record just a single song. The cooperation felt very easy and natural though, so they chose to keep at it, and more and more songs just kept coming.

There was no real concept planned ahead of time as such. Rather, the band grew into what it is based on a shared interest in music as well as finding common ground in things like military aviation, old aeroplanes, jet fighters, space flight, science and so on.

By and large the division of labour is such that Ville writes the music and Arttu the words. The lyrical themes revolve mostly around human psychology, interpersonal issues, mental health, love, grief, and loss.

Aeronaut V builds on the warm and fuzzy sounds of analog synths and Arttu’s soft, dark voice. Retro electro is the term that would best describe the sound and production choices. Aeronaut V relies heavily on old school electronic music and the new wave movement. It’s all about the buzz and the beat.



First of all Zero A.D. is a story of friendship.

The year Zero as the time for a new start, while A and D also stand respectively for Andrea Tomasich and Diego Bardari, project’s co-founders.

They met in June 1995, few minutes before taking the train from Rome to Milan (Italy) to attend the concert of their favourite band, The Cure. From that day on, they began to share the strong interest they’d had in alternative music and it was not long before they decided to compose and perform their own songs.

Since the 1980’s they’ve been inspired by dark atmospheres and they’ve loved to give an electronic sound to the feelings they’ve meant to express. Their very first demos, made under the name of Infieri, were strongly influenced by dark wave and gothic music.

But between the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s, spending long nights in the alternative clubs of their city (Rome), they began to feel close to the Futurepop and EBM “world”, dancing to the hits of groups such as VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzek, Covenant. Thanks to those good vibes they felt the desire to give their own music a modern and powerful twist. In that moment Zero A.D. were actually born, ready for a new direction.

New tracks were then written and in 2005 “No Reason” featured in the compilation “Italian Body Music vol. 2”. In September 2007 “The Beginning” demo EP was released, receiving good reviews on several fanzines and webzines.

During that period Zero A.D. played live around Italy, headlining or opening for other bands, like for example in summer 2008 at “80Hz Wave Fest” in Pisa.

While working on their first full-length, they released the “Will” EP (November 2009) and remixed songs of Italian groups Halo Effect and Klonavenus, also sharing the stage with them and others such as Melotron and Headless during events organized by the Italian label EKP (for instance the “Elektronische Freundshaft Festival” of Rome in March 2010).

In December 2010 the “All My Beliefs” album was finally released, made of electronic floorkillers, ballads and instrumental tracks. Director Cristiano Bellocci was commissioned to shoot the first official Zero A.D.’s videos (“Without”, “Eternal Strength”), giving very suggestive images to music and lyrics.

Over the following decade the duo continued to compose new songs and remixed old ones, some of which were successfully tested on stage and featured in European alternative compilations (“Body Music From Rome”, “Human Machines”, “Face The Beat 6”).

After the past here’s the present.

2021 marks another beginning for Zero A.D.: proud of being welcomed by the Italian label Space Race Records, they are going to release the “Consistency” album, whose 14 tracks can be considered personal life chapters. It will be introduced by the “Only a dream”’s video, poetically shot by director Christian Ryder.

Yes, thanks to real friendship and consistency the story has started again.



Dan Beck was born in the suburbs of Copenhagen in the early seventies. He grew up with pop music in all sorts of styles and especially Depeche Mode made a great impact and is, until this day, still one of his favorites. In late 1984 he first meet his now longtime friend Ole Ulrich Jensen from Vaylon & Reliant and they soon found out, that they shared the same passion for- and taste in music (The rest is history)

After 10 years in Vaylon with a myriad of good moments and experiences, Dan Beck felt an urge to create something on his own. The idea of working with various singers and musicians, soon came to life and then Second Complex was born.



Ole Ulrich Jensen, was born in the early seventies, in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

He was an avid listener of music from an early age and progressed into making music in his late teens, with his lifelong friend and fellow Vaylon member, Dan Holte Beck. They started out using only a guitar, bass, effect box and a drum machine. Ole eventually began recording some makeshift vocals due to the lack of a dedicated vocalist and that was the start of Ole’s vocal duties.

Ole is a self-taught musician and vocalist.  He is, what you could call, an autodidact musician.

Dan and Ole lost contact during some tumultuous times and Dan started a family and did not follow up on his musical career, until they found each other on the MSN Messenger 20 years later. Ole had previously started to make electronic music, after he met a new friend (Johnny Wishoff, Dolby Experiment) in school, that taught him everything he knows about music production today. In what should be the start of the now defunct project called “The dolby experiment”, Ole started to sing full time out of necessity. He quickly learned that people actually liked his voice and he felt, that now was the time to go all in, as a lead singer.

Ten years later, after Vaylon accumulated a comprehensive array of albums, EP’s and singles under their brand, Ole felt the need to do something on his own, and “Reliant” was born.

Reliant started out as a buffer to all the comprehensive work that Vaylon was putting out. Ole took a step back to find his own creative voice. He started slowly, continually writing new Reliant songs. Soon there were enough songs to consider a future EP or album. During the following mix sessions with American producer, mixer Rob Early (Retrogramme, 11 Grams) He was asked if he would be interested in making a full album and Rob Early had the audacity to name Space Race Records as a possible record label, that could be interested in the project. So Ole asked and was emidiately signed to the label. The rest is history in the making.



Dead Man Recovering is a one-man-project consisting of singer, songwriter and producer Kenneth S. Larsen. The style is melodic old school synthpop with some modern flavours and songs are almost always written using a guitar. Kenneth is from Copenhagen, Denmark, but is now located in Malmo, Sweden, where he is doing his recordings in his home. Influences come from a range of old and new artists such as Ultravox, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Robyn, Röyksopp and Mø.



Defining their musical sound as Nordic Noir, new ground is explored using classic electronic sounds. With an intentional and deliberate blending of the old with the new a melancholic hopefulness is created from the dark seasons of life in Scandinavia.

Out of this is formed We The North.



Since the release of the first demo-CD “Deep Pink Water” there are only five years passed. Now Gimme Shelter puts the first official album titled “Warnemünde” out to public. The work contains twelve catchy songs and could remind many listeners to the music of the heroes of Depeche Mode. But there are still modern aspects. Various Genres served on the album: “Wenn du mich berührst” is safe for supporters of the Electronic Body Music (EBM), while slower songs like “Die Wiege” or “It Makes No Sound” many And-One-fans will love them. Even faster pop songs à la camouflage as “Homerun”, “Lead Me On” or “Every” (already on the Orkus Compilation 61 published) can be found on the album. The Synthpop of Gimme Shelter degenerates so far in known productions monotony of the scene, but attempts to cross-border music scene intervene (see also Zillo 09/2013). Gimme Shelter is a band from Leipzig by Robert Grolms (vocals, songwriting) and Niko Kötzsch (music, production). Several concerts, including the legendary Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 2010 and as the opening act of the Swedish Synthipopband Elegant Machinery, the band could been denied. In addition, we know the two heads of the band also from various other musical projects. So Niko Kötzsch hired as well as in industrial band 1979. He also created many already remixes (e.g. for Haujobb, Seabound, Minerve, Halo Effect). Robert Grolms is also singer and pianist at Acoustic Mode, a Depeche Mode coverband. He also lends his voice to the rock project Suspicious Ones. The current production was, inter alia, in Leipzig, Munich, Frankfurt/Main and Weilheim in Oberbayern added. The band was supported here by none other than Daniel Myer (Architect, Haujobb, formerly collaborated on Covenant, already intensively with Alan Wilder) . The release date is in january of 2015 on the label Space Race Records / EKP.



Halo Effect started in the autumn of 2001, thanks to the union of different musical experiences. The atmosphere of their music ranges from Synthpop to EBM, through Darkwave, with some more experimental passages. The intense live activity, has led them to play in various parts of Italy and abroad, sharing the stage with artists like Melotron, Covenant, Cruxshadows, Steve Naghavi (And One), De / Vision, Bloody, Dead & Sexy, Ionic Vision, and Krisma Greenhaus, resulting in an increased response at an international level. After the first 2 cd-demos “Past Continuous” and “Days of Silence” and one EP “Schwarz EP”, which have enjoyed great success with audiences and critics, Halo Effect has produced two full length CDs “New Romantic Industry” and “The Fourth Zone”, which was followed by several important remixes by international bands (like Eternal Afflict, A Spell Inside, Spektralized, Etc..) who have become one of the best electro bands of the Italian and European scene. Halo Effect offer a live-act of great impact and energy. Halo Effect has also produced three video clips of the songs “Harder and Faster,” “Hammer the gear” and “Life Goes On”. After three years the album “Recoding” was released on December 7, 2012. Androids, virtual reality and rebelling machines, those are the themes for the return of Halo Effect. Produced by Mika Rossi (Autodafeh / Endless Shame) who mixed the album giving an international flavor to the sound of the band.

Life Is Perfect – 2015 – The new full-length is a real, efficient generator of energy and melody, concentrated in sixteen songs in which the vocalist spreads atmospheric, passionate intonations, while the propulsion of drum-programming draw geometric traces and synths adorn the structures by avant-garde modulations, all in a fantastic triumph of futurism, meaningful lyrics and highly seductive electronic musicality.

The sonic scheme of Halo Effect, as always cleverly designed, reveals a combination among the best instrumental strategies, catchy vocals and highly performing music technology, the same virtues that have consecrated this Italian band as one of the most valuable of its genre. And here is the synthetic-futuristic pop of “Shout” (2018) rich of EBM / darkwave elements, in which the listener will find solutions that will satisfy his every needs for danceability and melodism, thanks to dynamic midtempo percussive automatisms, fascinating keyboards, rivulets of sequencing, captivating electronic karma and atmospheres that abduct the imagination. 



Endless Shame is an alternative band from the south of Sweden. Their music is mainly electronic but it also contains guitar, bass, percussion and other live instruments. The style of the music is a mixture of elctro, synth pop, alternative rock and EBM. Endless Shame started out as a band in the early 90′s but it wasn’t until 2003 (when Anders Olsson moved back from London to Sweden) that the band came together as a “real” band. In 2007 Endless Shame released their debut album “Price Of Devotion” and made a mark in the Swedish sytn-pop scene. In 2009 the band signed with the label “A Different Drum” and in November the same year their second album “Unspoken Words” was released. In 2010 Endless Shame decided to part ways with “A Different Drum”. Their new record company became the Italian record label “EK Product”. In November 2010 the band went to Italy to record a music video for one of the song The Reaper; the music video was also released on the album Generation Blind. That album was released in the spring of 2011. During 2011 and 2012 Endless Shame have been focusing on playing live and recording their new album Elevator



Mechatronic was formed 2002 in the city of Uppsala, Sweden. The members are Wilhelm Äretun (singing and programming) and Emma Hortlund (lyrics and synthesizers). Together they make synth pop with a mixture of danceable beats and sharp melodies.

In August 2011 Mechatronic signed a record deal with Space Race Records and released the critically acclaimed album Dreams in March 2013. The sequel, Dystopia, was released 19 September 2014. After a few years with gigs, compilations tracks and studio time, Mechatronic is back with the new album Still Life (release February 2018).