• GRANDCHAOS - Memory is a Poison (Parade Ground remix)


In 1982, Tcheleskov and Trevosky Ivanovitch moved to Brussels in the midst of the Electronic Body Music movement that took Europe by storm. The two brothers founded “IVANOVITCH DANS L.OMBRE” and spent long hours in their apartrment honing their songs with the help of synthesizers and drum machines. Their atypical sound and chaotic live shows have propelled them to that of cult status. After numerous IVANOVITCH  DANS L.OMBRE tapes, 12”s and compilation appearances, which are long out-of- print nowadays, the two brothers called it quits to focus on their professional careers. In the late 90s,  IVANOVITCH  DANS L.OMBRE released a farewell compilation featuring remixes by fellow musicians Olivier Moreau (imminent), Cdrk (Axiome, Kirdec), Dam & Dada (Bak XIII) to name a few. A little while later, Tcheleskov Ivanovitch decided to pursue his musical journey as a solo artist and founded GRANDCHAOS. His minimal electro sound caught the attention of Nader Moumneh, a fervent supporter of old school electro-industrial, who assembled an impressive compilation 2CD, titled “In Sedens”, featuring remixes of GRANDCHAOS tunes by the movers and shakers  of the old school electro scene namely: Armageddon Dildos,  Plastic Noise Experience, Trial, Serpents, Cobalt 60, Brain Leisure, Terminal State, Digital Factor, IC 434, Tyske Ludder, Sphere Lazza, K.I.F.O.T.H and many more! The highly-praised debut album “Open Source” (2007) cemented Grandchaos place in the current  Old School Electro/EBM scene. Critics described Grandchaos’  crafty sound as Intelligent Body Music and paid tribute to Tcheleskov perseverance. Soon afterwards, Tcheleskov was approached by Jacky Meurisse, the mastermind behind the legendary EBM band Signal Aout 42 to participate in SA42 live shows. Thereafter, Tcheleskov and Jacky embarked on a worldwide voyage and played to a raucous crowd in Sao Paulo, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Budapest, Antwerp, Sandersleben, Leipzig and Berlin. In 2011, GRANDCHAOS got signed to the rising new Napoli-based label EK Product . The sophomore album “Rumours of My  Life” featuring Jacky Meurisse on several tracks has received largely positive reviews by critics and set the tone for the band’s continually evolving sound. After three years of laborious work, Tcheleskov returns with his most ambitious and accessible album yet. “We Suffer When The World Changes” perfectly combines the purest elements of 80s electro, New Beat & Techno with unprecedented efficacy and precision. The new album is a testament to ingenuity and  craftsmanship It skillfully depicts Tcheleskov Ivanovitch’s unwavering determination to take his project to new heights and forge a unique signature sound.