Invoke The Insult is based in the coastal town of Gothenburg which used to be the central point for electronic music in Sweden. Jonas and Klas found that their common interest in this genre made it natural for them to create music together. In previous projects the music was similar but today they have brought it to a new level. The inspiration from the old factory in which they make their music is one of many things that makes the wheels turn. Invoke The Insult has been active for 5 years. Before ITI they made music under different names in other projects as far back as 1989. Inspiration came from bands like; The Klinik, X Marks The Pedwalk, Invisible Spirit, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Frontline Assembly, Cat Rapes Dog, Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry, Das Ich and many more along those lines. Invoke The Insult is based on the love for the electronic machines ability to create sound. The fluctuations and unnatural noise takes the experience to a level rarely found in other music. The inspiration of that sound is what has brought Jonas and Klas together. Common interests and endless club visits have resulted in the Invoke The Insult of today. The lack of planning and curiosity in how the next song will sound is one of many things that inspire us. We try to follow as few rules as possible when we make music. Earlier engagements are now a distant memory as we both live for Invoke The Insult. We and the machines are one. Circuits and flashing diodes are the only energy sources we need. The noise and electronic clicking is what moves us forward. The dedication to industrial music is something we always had in common. We try to renew, simplify and strengthen our common interest and thus contribute to the genre we live for. ITI  EBM means something again.