There are no superlatives suitable for expressing the qualities of this emerging project that will soon find another time a suitable prestigious consideration for its talent. Gimme Shelter is the German technological platform founded by the duo-act Robert Grolms and Niko Kötzsch, who, with great skill, have managed to create a very attractive sound, full of immense potentials. Stylistically oriented towards advanced electro / synthpop shapes, Gimme Shelters re-enter in the scene with this new album, through which they will definitely increase their well-deserved fame among the true fans of electronic music. Sound refinement, dynamism and acute intelligence, characterize “Friedensfahrt”, a structurally advanced full-length, superior from every point of view, interpreted with vibrant passion and concrete professionalism. The fourteen traks spread sophisticated, authentic melodies, played with rare mastery, distinguished by highly captivating vocals, fascinating flows of keyboards, rigorous drum-programming lines symmetrically followed by pulsing sequencers and immersive interludes, in an effective totality of strong danceability and introspective atmospheres that will leave you stunned. Gimme Shelter follow schemes in perfect balance between rationality and fantasy, capable of transporting the listener into unexplored sonic territories, while demonstrating a true full control over the hi-tech sound. “Friedensfahrt” is the definitive and incontrovertible evidence of the modern innovation of the global synthpopish concept, which, thanks to Gimme Shelter, finds its maximum expression. Cultured harmonies, catchy rhythms, elegant electro-progressed strategies and a polarizing chant, will immediately win you over. This album is unmissable: it is simply impossible to ask for more.