Melodic freshness, elegance and a remarkable polarizing ability, are the peculiarities that have always distinguished the synthpopish/EBM songwriting of the Swedish duo-project Mechatronic, who, after further compositive refinements, have now reached their fourth album, Still Life, a release full of preciosity that included fourteen prospectively impeccable songs. Music for the new generations, clean, harmoniously built, danceable and accessible in any circumstances. It alternates easy listening moods and very clubby formulations with structures full of technological refinement, always keeping very high levels of entertainment. Symmetrical drum-programming lines draw extraordinarily danceable trajectories, while enthralling vocals, sequenced punctuations, sampling and fascinating euphonies of synths create a galaxy surrounded by spectacular electronic choreographies.  The new full-length, in addition to being a remarkable step forward in the discography of the duo, is a resource for all the alternative DJ’s, who will find in the tracklist many potential floorfillers. Mechatronic far surpass once again the conventional sonic average, proposing themselves as an avant-garde project, capable to compose small masterpieces of synthpop art without any complexity, designed specifically and scrupulously one by one to obtain the maximum performance. If you are true avant garders and you like the energetic and lovely and uncompromising sounds, “Still Life” is probably the album of your dreams.

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