Finally the wait is over. Everything is planned down to the last detail to be projected towards the highest spheres of the electro orbit. EK Product is proud to present the first, expected volume of its comprehensive anthology. A work studied and concretized with the maximum accuracy, choosing the best of the best taken from a broad spectrum of bands friend or belonging to this home records. A turnover of thirty projects distributed over two CD’s will seduce you one after the other through the most captivating EBM / Industrial / Techno Body Music / Synthpop sounds. The meticulousness through which the entire unreleased tracklist has been selected, together with a deflagrating sleeve image, combine to make “Complicity Content an out-of-the-ordinary release, a useful sound guide to make known the enormous potential of a brand considered as one of the excellences gravitating around the technological music universe. The two chapters contain thundering names that have indelibly marked the electronic sound of the last decade. Over an hundred and twenty minutes of authentic synthetic ecstasy. A vast assortment of sounds, ideas, personalities and styles develops unique unrepeatable sensations, exponentially raising the level of entertainment and establishing a direct contact with the listener. Stellar musicality, a rotation of extraordinary phenomena, an assortment of rhythms and melodies aimed at the definitive conquest of the ever more boundless electro audience. Enjoyment is guaranteed.

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