• ATROPINE - Stalemate



After a couple of years of being a parallel project of Norwegian EBM-band Anstalt, Atropine was formed in 1994/1995 to explore the agressive side of the genre while still maintaining strong melodic content using mainly equipment from late 70’s/early 80’s, as well as a large range of hardware samplers and drum machines. Atropine consists of ALX (programming / synthesizers / computers/samplers / drum-machines/effects) and Cthulberg (vocals / lyrics / tapes / drum-programming). Both members have been and are currently active with several other projects such as Epilektrician (IDM/experimental), Panzerveps (synth-pop/cold-wave) and Pogrom Synod (industrial/noise). ALX also works as a producer and has worked on releases such as Code64’s “Storm” (2003) and Substaat’s self-titled first album as well as their single “Refused” (2011/2012). Coming up is also some remix work for the re-release of minimal/no-wave artist Ike Yard’s first album on Factory America (1982/2012). Previous releases by Atropine includes the seminal, self-released “Master Raze” (2001), which will be added to and re-structured for the first album release on EKP – “Recurring Nightmares”. After the excellent performance of  “Recurring Nightmares” the Norwegian duo-act is ready to impress all the fans with another great album, starting from its amazing sleeve to the last beat of drum-machine. “Assailant”, composed of fifteen advanced EBM / Industrial tracks, characterized by an impressive vocal acidity, disciplined drum-programming automations, disturbing obsessive melodies and by a strong electronic energy.  “Assailant” goes well beyond the best expectations: it comes from an higher electro culture and it has all the qualities to be considered without doubt one of the best EBM / Industrial releases of this last part of 2016.