• FRAMEWORK - W.O.T. (For Eternity version)


Framework was founded by Andreas Lehmann and Sigmund Droese in 1996. Both were infuenced by the dark electro scene of the 90´s. First result of the cooperaton was the demo tape “Hand on the trigger” which was released in 1997. In 2000 Daniel Konrad joined the band and they signed their frst record deal with Scanner/Dark Dimensions. The debut album “Refectons” was released in 2002. It got good critques and Framework reached a higher attention by playing numerous of gigs. But then, for various reasons, the band had to pause and used the time to focus on the private life. Sigmund Droese decided to leave the band. In that time Andreas Lehmann became also singer of the swiss electro act Sleepwalk. He replaced Oliver Spring who had lef the band. In late 2010 Daniel and Andreas decided to reanimate Framework. Afer 2 years of hard working the new album “Untold Stories” is ready to see the light of day. It takes you on a journey through the darkest human abysses of the soul. Varied vocals, combined with sounds from genres like EBM, Electro and glitch beats, showing how modern electronic music can sound like without denying their roots.