• GIMME SHELTER - Keep Your Secret


Since the release of the first demo-CD “Deep Pink Water” there are only five years passed. Now Gimme Shelter puts the first official album titled “Warnemünde” out to public. The work contains twelve catchy songs and could remind many listeners to the music of the heroes of Depeche Mode. But there are still modern aspects. Various Genres served on the album: “Wenn du mich berührst” is safe for supporters of the Electronic Body Music (EBM), while slower songs like “Die Wiege” or “It Makes No Sound” many And-One-fans will love them. Even faster pop songs à la camouflage as “Homerun”, “Lead Me On” or “Every” (already on the Orkus Compilation 61 published) can be found on the album. The Synthpop of Gimme Shelter degenerates so far in known productions monotony of the scene, but attempts to cross-border music scene intervene (see also Zillo 09/2013). Gimme Shelter is a band from Leipzig by Robert Grolms (vocals, songwriting) and Niko Kötzsch (music, production). Several concerts, including the legendary Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 2010 and as the opening act of the Swedish Synthipopband Elegant Machinery, the band could been denied. In addition, we know the two heads of the band also from various other musical projects. So Niko Kötzsch hired as well as in industrial band 1979. He also created many already remixes (e.g. for Haujobb, Seabound, Minerve, Halo Effect). Robert Grolms is also singer and pianist at Acoustic Mode, a Depeche Mode coverband. He also lends his voice to the rock project Suspicious Ones. The current production was, inter alia, in Leipzig, Munich, Frankfurt/Main and Weilheim in Oberbayern added. The band was supported here by none other than Daniel Myer (Architect, Haujobb, formerly collaborated on Covenant, already intensively with Alan Wilder) . The release date is in january of 2015 on the label Space Race Records / EKP.