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Constant dripping wears the stone…

In 1992 four young electro heads founded a band named “One Cyze” in Frankfurt on Oder/Germany. From the beginning danceability was significant for the new [ocp] sound. Due to an anti-commercial attitude and without managing personnel this project didn´t ever care about making money with making music. It was just for fun and live-playing and for the ambition to make better music than you can listen to in the public media. This is why no official full-length release from the early years exists at the time. Under the side-project name “Brain Dead Society” a ground-breaking CD named “Downfall” was published in 1995 in in-house production. From 2000 to 2005 there were no [ocp] live+audio activities. Just the ambient electronica side-project “Brain Cellar” sent out some signals with the two EPs “Deep Space Mind” and “Polyluxury” (own distribution). After those years of re-creation the second [ocp] phase started in early 2006 with the work on the album “Re-animated” (published 2007/own distribution). First planned as a soloproject of Josef Gruen it developed by the adaptions and influences of JB. to an unconventional journey into dark electronic music. 2008 again with ShallC the full-length “Confused Mental State” followed with powerful dark electro and the outstanding song “Head Crusher”. ShallC quits the project in autumn 2009, Jeannette Z. became the part of the 2nd background voice for a few live performances and for vocal effects recording. The work on the new full-length “Absolute Zero” began with demo recordings in 2009 and was longing till 2014. Meanwhile 2014 [ocp] signed a recording contract with EKP to official release “Absolute Zero”.