• GUILT TRIP - Disease (Sebastian Komor remix)


Categorically refusing categorisation they hold and define a category all of their own. Musically situated in the in between. Filled with contradiction and resistance, urging a change in the individual, wanting liberation from preconceived ideas. Guilt Trip are back, newly braptised, born-again. Guilt Trip, fierce and unrelenting in their critique of sheepish sleepwalking and internalised norms, the self policing psyche. Musically drowning your senses, never pleased with just pleasing the hoi polloi; lyrically urging you off the deep end, to think, react and resist. What at times may seem like a defeatist attitude is really an appeal for action. Rooted in North American and European electronic industrial they still follow their own path, strewn with thorns and paved with a mosaic of influences. Look closely then take a step back to get the whole picture.