• NOISY DEAFNESS - Dead fire


Noisy Deafness is a Dark Electronic Music solo project by Steve Les based in Hungary. The music style is described by dark electronics, the lyrics by mourning and pain. The project was started in 2003 with some demo tracks. After a long-long pause the first song was made under the name of Noisy Deafness in December 2012. The debut album ’Silent Remembrance’ was released in November 2015 by Electro-Arc. This release contains the demos from 2003-2005 and four new songs from 2012-2014. Noisy Deafness released a new EP ’Demons’ in June 2016 by Electro-Arc with one new track and four remixes. The year 2017 was spent with work and the new album ’Dark Visions’ released by EKP.