• REBIRTH - Unforgiven


The idea of Rebirth came approx. 2.5 years ago. After having known each other for over 2 decades both creating electronic music for the same amount of time, Olivier Moser and Bruno Ruch decided to work toghether to assault the music scene with a mixture of harsch voices, rumbling basslines, pounding beats and a good dose of sonic melodies. Themes are based around domination, power, suffering and struggle. The name Rebirth is destined to resonate for a long time in your memory. After two and a half years of trial-stage, the Swiss duo-act is ready to conquer dancefloors and fans, through a winning sonic formulation that perfectly combines Dark-electro, Industrial and EBM elements. Bruno Ruch and Olivier Moser demonstrate evident and remarkable ability in creating atmospheres full of obscure tension, highlighted by abrasive vocals that spread angry lyrics, adorned with solemn synths extensions, transmissions of pulsing basslines and with a mechanical percussiveness that hypnotizes and seduce you instantly. The result is this debut-album entitled The Worst Dream, in which predominates an aggressive sound system, geometrically rhythmed, wonderfully danceable, morbidly obsessive and saturated with electronic energy.