ECHODEAD – Random Headnoise Parallax



01. Worldwide
02. I Hate You
03. Komm Her
04. Demons
05. Die Zeit Läuft Ab
06. Already Dead
07. Die Spinne
08. Bionic Transformation
09. Reload 5:03
10. Bigger Than God
11. Before I Die
12. Echōdead Anthem
13. Wonderland
14. Welcome To The Wasteland

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The German solo act Echōdead, played by Carsten Roggenbuck, not only represents one of the best emerging proposals of this year in the immense alternative technological panorama, but also manages to stand out for an innate and fervent compositional originality. The sound system of this project immediately chains the auditor, giving him back in musical terms the equivalent of a dynamic pleasure, strongly transmitted by dance percussiveness and by the bass lines, together with the maximum expression of the emotional tensions, thanks to the sharp words contained in the texts. Anger vocal modulations, energizing drumming, dark, dramatic and sometimes horrifying atmospheres, constitute the sonic schemes of this great debut album entitled “Random Headnoise Parallax” which will surely receive considerable appreciation from the followers of the most authentic and significant electronic scene. Symmetric midtempo – uptempo rhythms of drum-machine, superb sequencing flows, coldly choleric chant sections transfigured by filtering, skilful use of sampling and cold synths emissions, generate a whole of innovative, catchy trajectories and incubotic configurations, made further engaging by lyrics full of hatred sentiments, capable of simultaneously rising you into the climax of EBM dance ecstasy, or dragging you into the black abyss of dark-electro, all enriched by sporadic metal elements and industrial pulsations. The combination of vintage equipment and modern digitization, formulate captivating, turbulent melodies, perfectly suited to both being danced en masse in clubs and heard individually at loud volume, formulated with precision and rare effectiveness. “Random Headnoise Parallax” is an unmissable release, a full length of enormous content value, a document that indisputably certifies the high creative level of this artist. If you are looking for a truly seductive, totalizing sound experience, now you have found it.

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