01. Introducció catalana
02. Domótica
03. Muskelfrau
04. Joseph guillotin
05. Liebe und schmerz
06. Cuero y chandal
07. Mano armada
08. Nomad (live in Marseille)
09. New seed (live in Marseille)
10. Arponero (Fishermans remix by Schlagkraft)
11. Joseph guillotin (Autodafeh remix)
12. Joseph guillotin (SPARK! remix)
13. Mano armada (SPARK! remix)
14. Mano armada (Karbu38 remix feat. Cristina)
15. Mano armada (Awilum club mix)

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Jordi and Tommy are a duo who believe in the strong power of the beats. Tight rhythms that are inspired by Nitzer Ebb, brutal voices from say Prager Handgriff, captured in songs that make your body sweat. These two avoid all forms of innovation and that’s actually what makes “Domotica” a record that is far from being original, they’re even a clone from above mentioned bands but as long as they can deliver this with strong EBM anthems like “Joseph Guillotin”, “Muskelfrau” (yeah, they even like to sing in German) or “Mano Armada”, you won’t hear us complaining. The limited-edition digipack version of the CD will include the bonus remixes by Spark!, Karbu38, Awilum, Autodafeh and Schlagkraft. An EBM tip from the heart. Obliged discovery for music fans who like the rhythm of the machines!

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