ESCALATOR – Out of My Ego


01. Bad Constellation
02. Rew Stop Play
03. Out Of My Ego
04. Deeply Buried Psychosis
05. Shut Me Off
06. Strike
07. Biological Countdown
08. Gépek lesztek

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Eight songs might be quite short but almost every track is over the 5 minutes border and besides, we’re getting bored from cd’s that last 70 minutes which contains 30 minutes of good music. Saying that every track’s a winner would be a bit too much of a cliché but at least every song is different. “Shut me off” is quite comparable with what Consolidated once did, “Rew Stop play” is without any doubt influenced by Front Line Assembly and closing song “Gépek Iesztek” could have come from Kraftwerk’s “The man machine”.

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