01. The Voice of Dissent
02. Single Gun Shot
03. 1900 Feet
04. Channel Nine
05. Hate Machine
06. Pure Sin
07. Choose Your Ism
08. Extremist
09. Acid Beat
10. Body Machine
11. Beat of the Drum
12. Thy Kingdom Come

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EBM music with an old school edge. If you don’t know NeuroRythm by song, you know him through the history. Andreas Gregor is back! The idea of the band actually stemmed from an elaborate April Fools prank they played on one of the weekly radio shows they hosted. They created a fictitious band with a long and colorful history. Andreas and Laurie also created the music for this faux band which culminating into a killer cover of Kiss’ s “I Was Made for Loving You”, Trent Reznor style. After the show aired, they received numerous email requests from listeners asking where they could purchase the music by this band and thus, the seeds for NeuroRythm was born. At that particular time, Andreas had been away from the music scene for a couple years and the enormous success of that show made him realize his love of making music was stronger than ever.Andreas had always been involved in the electro / EBM scene starting from his teenage years. His past projects include: Techniques Berlin, Digital Poodle and !Bang Elektronika.

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