Bodykomplex was formed in 2012 when two guys from Northern Finland decided to make a few oldschool style EBM songs just for fun. When they noticed that people were listening, they decided to make more songs. The stories behind the lyrics come from the tales of everyday life, told in somewhat humorous way. Lyrics are made in Finnish because it comes naturally and sounds awesome. “It’s all about the glory of manliness, having fun and not taking life too seriously.”

Their debut album “Karma” was released on 16th October 2015.



La Santé is a single project, launched in Sweden in January 2012. It was crystallizing in Andree van Berg’s head after experiments with AVDB, Psychokinetics and Muezin. It is also worth remembering that the musician derives from the formation of DHM, which started its activity in Pulawy in the 1980s. La Santé is one of the most exciting emerging and less known projects from the new European electro scene. His technological style is highly charismatic, full of power and of something else indefinitely catchy, mainly based on Oldschool EBM elements with intriguing Coldwave shades.



Seppo Ahlstedt and Janne Vilen want to merge the Finnish essence in to their hard hitting oldschool EBM. It’s about raw bass-lines, manly attitude and love for old school synthesizers and sound. To add something new to this soup, Oldschool Union used their native language to successfully form the first old school EBM band in Finland. Lyrics are Finnish but the themes are global; songs about corrupted politicians and epic tales from the lives of men.