• VOID KAMPF - Blindfold


One foot in the North (Lille) and one foot in the South (Toulouse, Aix-En-Provence), Void kampf is a French EBM band formed in 1999. Mr Body 98 (Music, Lyrics & Vocals), Mr Body 2004 (Lyrics & Vocals), EBMnator (Live drums) and Der Gregolini (Live FX) deliver a combination of Old School Electronic Body Music and Techno Body Music. Their main influences are DAF, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and Empirion. After two demos “First Assault & Suck My Beat” and one album on Sigsaly Transmissions in 2010 “Sévère Mais Juste”, they are back in 2017 on EKP with a full length album FUNK OFF. The recipe is still the same,  panzer beats, strong analog/FM basslines, poetic lyrics, no melodies and a great sense of humor and self-mockery.