• PROTECTORATE - Industrial Action


Protectorate (Finland) is an electro / industrial act formally started in 2004. The project was really activated in late 2011 due to disbandment of industrial metal group that Kalle Lindberg was part of  Protectorates music could be descibed as old school elektro industrial as it is heavily influenced by classic bands of the genre, such as Skinny Puppy, Front 242, FLA and Portion Control, but this not to say that it is limited to these, as the influences also include more mainstream acts such as Depeche Mode and more rock orientated projects like Fields of the Nephilim. Protectorate prides itself with selfsuffience production wise: use of factory presets and factory samples is shunned on, instead, everything from sound desing to mixing is done by the artist himself. Protectorate also values 80’s and 90’s production techniques and instruments combined with modern sequecers and tools in order to produce a best of both worlds product. The song writing process of Protectorate is a rather laborous one, instead of delivering a large bulk of material of varying quality, Protectorate concentrates on quality over quantity. Another central idea of Protectorate is to reinvent itself with every song within the loose boundaries of the genre Protectorate has set for itself. Pushing the envelope of sound design and song structures while retaining a certain “commercial edge”. As a live act Protectorate thrives to deliver a fierce and energetic show spliced with improvised elements to bring that extra something that a recording is unable to deliver. With more than ten years of live experience with other projects, Protectorates goal is to bring the intensity, that is normally associated live rock music, to electronic music.