Disc One: Forward

01. From Nothing To Nothing
02. Wake Up
03. Tear Open These Scars
04. Some Time
05. Anthem 26
06. No Future
07. ‘Til I Beg For Mercy
08. Scene One
09. Your Product
10. No Answers No Solutions
11. Lies
12. Force Majeure
13. Flesh
14. Pretender (94 Mix)
15. Life Before Death (94 Mix)
16. Blind
17. Free World

Disc Two: Backward

01. I Am The Labyrinth (Remix)
02. Mainio Seuramies
03. Some Time (94 Mix)
04. Twisted (Live 1992)
05. Wake Up (Live 1992)
06. ‘Til I Beg For Mercy (Demo 1991)
07. This Blue Moment (Demo 1991)
08. Kick (Live 1990)
09. Tear Open These Scars (Demo 1990)
10. Veiling The Bass / Pretender (Live 1989)
11. Blind Faith (Live 1989)
12. N.V.A. (Live 1989)
13. Steel (7″ version)
14. From Nothing To Nothing (7″ version)
15. No Answers No Solutions (7″ version)
16. Black Roses (7″ version) – CD2
17. A Young Girl’s Diary (demo 1988)
18. Graveyard (2nd demo 1987)
19. Hell In Paradise (1st demo 1987)
20. Life Before Death (1st demo 1987)

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The legendary Finnish project Advanced Art has definitely entered with all the honors in the prestigious retro Electro / EBM / Industrial firmament, commemorating its thirtieth anniversary of foundation by this unmissable double album. “Archive” is a realization of fundamental importance for all the alternative record collectors: it contains an extraordinary historical fragment of the European electronic sound, now condensed in a long succession of songs, including rarities and live-tracks which any fan of this band will be proud of possess. Catchy vocal calligraphism, melodies and atmospheres electronically obscure, pulsing drum-programming always interacting with the most compelling danceability, they are the prerogatives of this triumphant discographic creation that will honor the last part of the year 2015 and more. “Archive” is a concatenation of synthetic emotions, the tangible evidence of the value of one of the best bands into the technological oldschool music scene, an album that summarizes years of glory, avant-gardism and true talent. The dual function of this great album is mainly to commemorate the unique style and the uniqueness of Advanced Art, but also to spread their repertoire to the new generation of electrolisteners, still continuing with them the authentic tradition of a sound that never fade. One thing is unmistakably clear: we are dealing with a masterpiece!

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