01. Intro
02. Black Gold
03. Human Disease
04. Blind Eyes
05. Taste Me!
06. Castrate The Rapist
07. Kevorkian
08. Deadly Injection
09. Bastard
10. Hypocrite
11. Oppression
12. Gulag
13. Sandy

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After a break-in period spent among appearances in prestigious compilations and continuous stylistic refinements, here’s finally the debut album of this talented Germanic duo called Deadly Injection, which will open increasingly stunning frontiers in the international technological scene. The distinctive feature of the music of this interesting project is the ability to extrapolate the best sounds from the most illustrious and legendary bands that have characterized the underground electro oldschool panorama from the last 80’s until the first 90’s, therefore proposing a style definable as ‘Retro EBM’, from which they branch off further Dark-electro and Hardcore-electro elements. This explosive combination generates a telluric musicality, highly aggressive and danceable, played mainly by essential midtempo – uptempo rhythmic beats, sequenced punctuations, dark reflections of synths, sharp texts and abrasive harsh-vocals, all in a set of musical dynamism expressed at its maximum power. “Taste Me!” is a must-have release dedicated specifically to all the devotees of this music genre, a sonic product in perfect balance between rearguard and avant-garde, that will contribute exponentially to the growth of this fantastic, new electro-act. The auditor will face an impetuous electronic assault, a barrage of acuminate melodies which they will not allow his legs to rest, forcing him to dance for the entire duration of this full-length: staying motionless listening to these thirteen tracks will simply be impossible! Please, inject in the body your personal, daily electro dose.

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