DI*OVE – Di*ode



01. Understöen
02. Mayday
03. ADT (feat. Lady Funk)
04. Gaze
05. Addictions (feat. Plastic Noise Experience)
06. What The Fuck! (feat. Mad Woowoo)
07. Clinically Dead
08. I Need More
09. Never!

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Get ready now to welcome the new release by DI*ove. The group’s latest offers nine tracks that exude energy combining seemingly minimal (at first) compositions, that turn into multi-layered works, with obvious influences from the past few decades, particularly winking at the eighties. Though the songs come with compelling and very dark lyrics, the band has chosen to get you to move to the rhythm, combining the more electro-oriented beats with extensive samples from acoustic percussion. The band has been around since 2006, and has steadily been working on the right balance in order to emerge and realize their potential: arrangements are inventive, melodies are there but never too mellow, and the energy radiated by the songs will arouse the interest and full approval of the listeners. It is this energy that the band seemingly effortlessly displays whilst performing live. Take this opportunity to feel the determination and effectiveness of the band’s style extolling from a track list that the authentic electro-connoisseur will consider essential. The new electro has taken another step ahead!

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