01. Gemini
02. Can’t You Feel It
03. End Of Your Reign
04. Down Down
05. I’ll Be Dust
06. Psycho End
07. In The Woods
08. Necronomicon
09. D.r.e.d.a.
10. I Want To Escape
11. Accept And Understand
12. Charade

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A sensational record event that by the Italian band called Donamorte, three new performers of the alternative sound whom, after years of music training, they waited for the moment to show to the world all their great potential. Now everything is ready for take the success: the debut-album “Gemini” will impress thousands of electro listeners by its rousing melodic energy and with a perfect instrumental performance. This full-lenght is a spectacular deflagration of twelve songs that will make you listen to the insightful and suggestive vocals of Armand Donamorte, the synth/programming evolutions of Garmo as well as the splendid guitar decorations generated by Kaos K: the sound contained in the release combines with admirable balance the romantic decadence of the gothic style, the energy of industrial, the fineness of synthpop and the melancholy bleakness of darkwave. Every single act of the album communicates living sensations, often alienating, underlined by the shadowy singer’s chant, while the intrumental structures paint a cosmos of sounds and atmospheres electronically depressed, in some cases even horrific. Donamorte, one of the best emerging projects of this year. Gemini, a release of incomparable effectiveness: prepare you with impatience to the arrival of an exceptional album you will never forget.

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