MONSTERGOD – Ozymandias



1. Ozymandias 
2. The Grey 
3. Perpetual 
4. Beloved 
5. Cursed 
6. In My Dream 
7. Austere (Intro) 
8. Austere 
9. Subdreams 

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The new record incursion by the Polish Monstergod impacts like an asteroid, spreading around it a fascinating concept and a sonic aura that will attract all admirers of electronic obscure musicality. With “Ozymandias” the duo act reaches a further level of prestige in its repertoire, proving how fervent the compositional ability of the two components is; Schnitter and Smola are able to evoke very intense atmospheres, transforming sounds into images that shake the fantasy. The modern decadence that hovers gloomily in the nine tracks is magnified in the ghostly, hoarse poeticity contained in the voice, intertwined with always involving electric and synthetic instrumental orchestrations, in some episodes permeated with symphonic solemnity.

From the release come sonorities that perfectly combine dark electro, industrial, darkwave and gothic elements, created through danceable midtempo – downtempo drumming, alienating keyboard sections, energized by powerful guitar riffs and programming symmetries, all in a balanced equilibrium of technologism and conservatism which makes “Ozymandias” an album of important stature, capable of attract the listener by its catalyst function and transporting immediately him into an incubotic, hypnotizing, sub dimension.

Monstergod paint visionary soundscapes full of boundless suggestiveness and emotional tension, in which the auditor will enter and remain entranced even beyond the end of the tracklist. For those who want experiment the sinister feeling of electronic darkness on the skin.

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