ESCALATOR – 4 in 2



Human Experiments (1991) & Helicopter (1992)

01. Das Ist Verboten (mix)
02. Error
03. Helicopter
04. Human Experiments v1
05. The Empire
06. Leader
07. Idozitett Bomba (instr)
08. Das Ist Verboten
09. M.V.K.V.
10. I.B.Sz.L. Remix
11. Szamitogepes Lovagok (Instr)
12. Sampler XY
13. Human Experiments v2
14.  Elektrotechnik
15. H.Inst
16. Danke

Antropologia (1993) & Arbeit (1994)

01. Szamitogepes Lovagok
02. Antropologia (Doppel Variation)
03. Arteria
04. Analizis
05. Antropologia (Nekrophilia Mix)
06. Anatomia
07. Amnezia
08. Idozitett Bomba
09. Arbeit
10. Andromeda
11. Android
12. Ardennek
13. Apollo 17
14. Asteroid
15. Astronauta
16. Aufforderung

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EBM retrospectives of great historical value are contained in this super-anthology of the Hungarian Escalator, one of the most legendary European icons of the Neue Deutsche Welle. The project has rekindled the spotlights on its four consecutive albums from the 90’s discography, concentrating them into a double CD, including the tracks taken from the full-lengths “Human Experiments”, “Helicopter”, “Anthropology” and “Arbeit”. Electro entertainment is assured by post-Kraftwerk/post-Front 242 sonorities, enhanced by elements belonging to Borghesia, Throbbing Gristle, Clock DVA and Cabaret Voltarie; the result is the convergence between old-school and new-school EBM, an inedited matrix from which evolved Escalator’s unique ‘Intelligent Robot Music’, made of schematic rhythms, hypnotic and always ultra-danceable, combined with minimal and electronically processed vocals, linear sequencing, spectacular arrangements for dancefloors and a dynamism that even today as yesterday succeeds in unleashing the collective enthusiasm. “4in2” is an unique and unrepeatable opportunity to explore or re-explore one of the best paragraphs that the technological music panorama has ever given us, all in two discs that you’ll keep in your collection as a small treasure. This release must be top priority for ALL electro/EBM lovers!

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