01. Drowned (Feat. Color Theory)
02. Troubled Mind (Feat. Laura Noszczyk)
03. Every Moment Counts (Feat. Daniel Hall)
04. Regrets (Feat. Color Theory)
05. Asylum (Feat. Tomas Gustafsson)
06. Powerless (Feat. Color Theory)
07. Lost in a Dream (Feat. Ole Ulrich Jensen)
08. Solid Ground (Feat. Neil Francis)
09. Spirit (Feat. Ole Ulrich Jensen & Frank J. Freda)
10. A Grain of Sand (Feat. Neil Francis)
11. Shadows and Silhouettes (Instrumental)
12. Humble (Instrumental)

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Exceptional news for all followers of the most advanced synthpop! Refinement, modern melodism, harmony and a remarkable dose of brilliant sound technology, constitute the style of the Danish solo-project Second Complex, played by the mastermind Dan Beck, better known for being with with Ole Ulrich Jensen one of the two members of Vaylon. Strongly inspired by the 80’s synthetic pop, the artist releases this magnificent creation entitled “Therapy” which promises to attract attention of the global electronic scene and conquer many, many fans. The album, divided into sublime twelve tracks, looks like a very accurate release in every sound aspect. The musics of Second Complex are vocally interpreted by a cast of illustrious characters such as Brian Hazard, Laura Noszczyk, Daniel Hall, Tomas Gustafsson, Ole Ulrich Jenbsen, Neil Francis and Frank J. Freda, who add further value to the full lenght’s sound, making the release something unmissable, unique. “Therapy” therefore ranks among the most recent captivating publications, confirming the great compositional talent of Dan Beck and at the same time representing a milestone in the European synthpopish genre. Avant-garde classicism and state of the art at the highest levels: this album is concretely something spectacular wich every admirer of the electro doctrine must absolutely possess.

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