OLDSCHOOL UNION – Vartalovasara

The return to the Oldschool Union scene is synonymous with pure technological energy. Rough, melodic and extremely dynamic, the sounds formulated by the Finnish project fully reflect the classic EBM / Electropunk schemes, enhanced by texts pronounced in native language. The result is a solid set of rhythms, minimal harmonies and vocal incitements, specifically combined to send into raptures the alternative dancefloors. “Vartalovasara” continues the discographical career of the duo-act, consolidating their fame and sending fans of this specific genre into ecstasy, this through an irresistibly vivid Electronic body music and the irreverent intransigence of punk, both melt and interpreted with absolute consistency, up to produce an explosion of modulations able to involve the listener from beginning to end: he will be immersed in a volcanic eruption of linear midtempo / uptempo drum-programming sections, straight sequencers, red-hot flows of synths and resolutely inflexible vocals. In the fourteen tracks of the full-length is contained a truly remarkable power and a totalizing dancing force impossible to avoid. The gritty electro-appeal of “Vartalovasara” once again demonstrates the validity of the Oldschool Union and the high competence they have achieved in perfecting their style. The new album includes an effective remix of Projekt 26, which embellishes the tracklist adding more sonic kilotons to a release that will be long remembered.

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Formidable return to the scene of the American project Hexadiode, already known for its debut album “Ibex”, published in 2016 and for the 2017 EP “Contaminated”. Pure technological energy has always characterized this duo-act, capable of transmitting strongly attractive and original sonic sensations, thanks to which they are recognized as one of the most promising revelations of the latest generation of electro pioneers. The new full-length “Metaxy” reveals structures that celebrate more than superbly the classic Industrial, EBM rituals, surpassing them through an almost divinatory interpretation dedicated to the glory of the machines. In the twelve songs of the album reside atmospheres and sound schemes that go beyond the complex auditory barrier, sticking them directly into the brain: ultra-danceable downtempo / midtempo rhythmics, angry, caustic, obscure vocals, alienating sequenced combinations and aggressive assaults of synths, constitute the substance of a tracklist absolutely effective, planned with professionalism in the smallest details. “Metaxy” is the definitive certification of the great competence of Hexadiode, a promising band in search of its deserved space among the countless current electro proposals. The title track also includes the two amazing remixes by Guilt Trip and Blush Response, which add further value to this release that won’t wait to get all the best awards. Dragging, powerful sounds, elaborated with rare mastery, will know how to instantly conquer you, leaving you pleasantly surprised. These are not simple Electronic body music / industrial dance modulations: they are super neural solicitations that will launch you into an extraordinary dimension in which the oldschool ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ is interwoven with hi-tech formulations. Hey, electro fans all around the world: here’s the album you’ve been waiting for.

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GIMME SHELTER – Friedensfahrt

There are no superlatives suitable for expressing the qualities of this emerging project that will soon find another time a suitable prestigious consideration for its talent. Gimme Shelter is the German technological platform founded by the duo-act Robert Grolms and Niko Kötzsch, who, with great skill, have managed to create a very attractive sound, full of immense potentials. Stylistically oriented towards advanced electro / synthpop shapes, Gimme Shelters re-enter in the scene with this new album, through which they will definitely increase their well-deserved fame among the true fans of electronic music. Sound refinement, dynamism and acute intelligence, characterize “Friedensfahrt”, a structurally advanced full-length, superior from every point of view, interpreted with vibrant passion and concrete professionalism. The fourteen traks spread sophisticated, authentic melodies, played with rare mastery, distinguished by highly captivating vocals, fascinating flows of keyboards, rigorous drum-programming lines symmetrically followed by pulsing sequencers and immersive interludes, in an effective totality of strong danceability and introspective atmospheres that will leave you stunned. Gimme Shelter follow schemes in perfect balance between rationality and fantasy, capable of transporting the listener into unexplored sonic territories, while demonstrating a true full control over the hi-tech sound. “Friedensfahrt” is the definitive and incontrovertible evidence of the modern innovation of the global synthpopish concept, which, thanks to Gimme Shelter, finds its maximum expression. Cultured harmonies, catchy rhythms, elegant electro-progressed strategies and a polarizing chant, will immediately win you over. This album is unmissable: it is simply impossible to ask for more.

RELIANT – Songs From the Heart of Solitude

The solo debut by Reliant – aka Ole Ulrich Jensen, frontman of the Danish electro / synthpop project Vaylon – is considered one of the most sensational novelties of this early 2019. New sonic perspectives of great class, to listen and keep in the soul, new sensations to experience: this is what “Songs From The Heart Of Solitude” consists of, a musically impeccable album, full of feelings and refined charm. The tracklist, consisting of ten episodes, is a succession of exquisitely synthpopish songs, created in such a way as to arouse and spread infinite emotions, which, combining perfectly them with electronic melodies, will conquer the most passionate and intimate part of the listener. Warm vocals, sometimes dark and melancholic, are synchronized to a sober but impressive sound system, punctuated by midtempo drum-programming, outlined by sequencing symmetries and magnified by elegant synths flows. Each track of this full-lenght has its own precise identity, its own story, its own character, but all of them will know how to amaze you, how to induce you to reflect, catching you forever.
In addition, the entire mastering phase was processed by Rob Early, mastermind of the legendary Washington DC-based electro/synthpop/IDM band Retrogramme, who adds further preciousness to this beautiful album, capable of transcending the artificiality of sound to reach fully who knows how to love. Just you.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS – Complicity Content

Finally the wait is over. Everything is planned down to the last detail to be projected towards the highest spheres of the electro orbit. EK Product is proud to present the first, expected volume of its comprehensive anthology. A work studied and concretized with the maximum accuracy, choosing the best of the best taken from a broad spectrum of bands friend or belonging to this home records. A turnover of thirty projects distributed over two CD’s will seduce you one after the other through the most captivating EBM / Industrial / Techno Body Music / Synthpop sounds. The meticulousness through which the entire unreleased tracklist has been selected, together with a deflagrating sleeve image, combine to make “Complicity Content an out-of-the-ordinary release, a useful sound guide to make known the enormous potential of a brand considered as one of the excellences gravitating around the technological music universe. The two chapters contain thundering names that have indelibly marked the electronic sound of the last decade. Over an hundred and twenty minutes of authentic synthetic ecstasy. A vast assortment of sounds, ideas, personalities and styles develops unique unrepeatable sensations, exponentially raising the level of entertainment and establishing a direct contact with the listener. Stellar musicality, a rotation of extraordinary phenomena, an assortment of rhythms and melodies aimed at the definitive conquest of the ever more boundless electro audience. Enjoyment is guaranteed.

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After a break-in period spent among appearances in prestigious compilations and continuous stylistic refinements, here’s finally the debut album of this talented Germanic duo called Deadly Injection, which will open increasingly stunning frontiers in the international technological scene. The distinctive feature of the music of this interesting project is the ability to extrapolate the best sounds from the most illustrious and legendary bands that have characterized the underground electro oldschool panorama from the last 80’s until the first 90’s, therefore proposing a style definable as ‘Retro EBM’, from which they branch off further Dark-electro and Hardcore-electro elements. This explosive combination generates a telluric musicality, highly aggressive and danceable, played mainly by essential midtempo – uptempo rhythmic beats, sequenced punctuations, dark reflections of synths, sharp texts and abrasive harsh-vocals, all in a set of musical dynamism expressed at its maximum power. “Taste Me!” is a must-have release dedicated specifically to all the devotees of this music genre, a sonic product in perfect balance between rearguard and avant-garde, that will contribute exponentially to the growth of this fantastic, new electro-act. The auditor will face an impetuous electronic assault, a barrage of acuminate melodies which they will not allow his legs to rest, forcing him to dance for the entire duration of this full-length: staying motionless listening to these thirteen tracks will simply be impossible! Please, inject in the body your personal, daily electro dose.

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Since the years of its foundation, the name Halo Effect has been synonymous with an impeccably planned synthpopish musicality, the result of a continuous evolution towards the search for the ‘perfect sound’. After the great response obtained by the album “Life Is Perfect”, by the corresponding trilogy of remakes “Life Is Remixed” and by the recent, experimental single-tribute “A Mode To Cure”, the project returns today on the alternative scene, determined to further increase its fame through a new album full of extraordinary, irresistible modulations that will hit the target once again. The sonic scheme of Halo Effect, as always cleverly designed, reveals a combination among the best instrumental strategies, catchy vocals and highly performing music technology, the same virtues that have consecrated this Italian band as one of the most valuable of its genre. And here is the synthetic-futuristic pop of “Shout” rich of EBM / darkwave elements, in which the listener will find solutions that will satisfy his every needs for d anceability and melodism, thanks to dynamic midtempo percussive automatisms, fascinating keyboards, rivulets of sequencing, captivating electronic karma and atmospheres that abduct the imagination. The real strong point of Halo Effect is to be able to combine functionally an ultra modern sound system with a touch of 80’s synthpop reminiscences, making the structures highly attractive, conceptually and musically intelligent, for a triumph of polarizing concordances that will echo in your memory for a long time. The new work includes eleven tracks produced by Rob Early, mastermind of the famous Washington DC-based electro ensemble Retrogramme. “Shout” represents surely one of the most symbolic albums of this act and one of the best world’s electro releases of the moment. Summarized in an adjective: unmissable!

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Inventiveness and refinement strongly characterize the sound of Italians NODe, which name stands for ‘Not Ordinary Dead’. The music created by this project goes beyond the ordinary stereotypes to which the listener is accustomed, ensuring him an uninterrupted flow of active entertainment and sonic spectacularity. The main element that makes this ensemble so unique is the ability to unify and perfectly balance transversal euphonies with the immediacy of listening. The result of this combination is simply amazing: in it they vibrate at the same time fresh electronic solutions and rock oriented trajectories, touching more styles like indie pop, punk, new wave and darkwave, all this embellished by an effective male-female vocalism. “Rcade” is the new full-lenght published in 2018 after the three previous releases, the EP “Tuning The Untunable” dated 2011, the digital debut album “Tragic Technology Inc.” fired in 2013 and Human Machine (2015). The tracklist includes nine amazing episodes that demonstrate how much has been worked out in these years the research for increasingly audacious and authentic sound resources, from which they spring dance rhythms of drum-programming, fluorescent sequenced lines, catchy guitarism and unpredictable vocal harmonies intertwined with an impeccably coordinated, multi-colored keyboards. Are you ready to listen to something great? Let the synthetic and unconventional rock of the NODe energize you. Play loud “Rcade” again and again and then start again!

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The Hungarian solo act re-projects his personal, surreal interpretation of the electro concept, confirming himself as an original, inspired and strongly polarizing talent. After the success of the debut album “Silent Remembrance” the project renews his style through high-quality technological sonic solutions, shading the melodies by a deep and enigmatic voice, interfaced with capturing synth flows, rigorous sequenced lines and with an energetic drum-programming. The secrets that make Noisy Deafness music so catchy is first of all unconventionality of sounds, experimentalism and the ability to create asymmetric, alienating and atmospherically obscure harmonies. All these connotations are more than ever present and fully active also in “Dark Visions”, the new and waited album enriched with precious electronic alchemies in which the listener will be abducted into a cerebral and introspective dimension. Internally all the eleven tracks of full-lenght exist a formidable, polymorphic symbiosis among sonic darkness, electro energy, emotional tension and a combination of sensory elements not definable with words. The drum-programming structures follow a linear but often unpredictable trend, while the keyboards propagate turbid orchestrations and a sharp vocalism insinuates wickedly in an illusory context of great suggestiveness. Noisy Deafness creates an unique and unrepeatable sound which represents a concrete example of equilibrium between form and function, capable of combining in turn aesthetics and technique. Another glorious page of electro music was written.

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