KLONAVENUS – Motionless



01. Dies Irae
02. We Fly Away
03. Until The Other Side
04. Emotionless
05. My Crying Bride (feat. Valerie Hely)
06. Neon (Blue)
07. Permafrost
08. In Good And Evil
09. Fast Radio Burst
10. Song Of The Dead (A Copy For Collapse remix)
11. Dies Irae (Templebeat remix)

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The return of the Klonavenus to the scene represents a special opportunity to rediscover a project that can be considered one of the most inspired and valid in the entire recent technological panorama. Paolo Chemnitz and Saffio with this third album demonstrate their really convincing compositional skills and a solid knowledge of those particular tactics that make a tracklist compelling. If the previous full-lengths “Klonawelt” and “Angst” had initially pointed the spotlight on the power-duo making it emerge, the new release Motion:less¬†represents the definitive confirmation of the supreme art generated by these two minds. The eleven songs included in the title track contain a combination of amazing EBM, Darkwave, Synthpop and Industrial sonances surrounded by Gothic-oriented notes, all in a danceable whole of mainly midtempo linear drum-programming rhythms, streams of sequencers, authoritative, obcscure vocals and catchy keyboards melodies. Perspectively avantgardistic, Klonavenus have made the fundamental transition from the experimental dimension to true mastery, demonstrating well-chosen intuitions and a strong personality. “Motion:less” is also embellished with remixes by A Copy For Collapse and Templebeat.

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